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“Every business that wants to survive is going to be a digital business.”
Robert Shapiro, Under Secretary
U.S. Department of Commerce

“The key to survival is not to understand certain things in minute detail but to comprehend everything well enough to make wise decisions.”
Peter Cochrane
Scientist and Author

Internet Law & Business is an unusually comprehensive, analytical and interesting tool. Whereas most legal newsletters provide scattered pieces of information, our goal is to concisely integrate legal, business and technical information so you will understand your client’s best options for buying and selling globally over the web.

This publication is not just a newsletter: It is a monthly 100-page multi-media publication that is part newsletter and part magazine:

Like a newsletter, we feature case summaries and analysis (see enclosed sample); moreover, we publish briefs and transcripts of oral arguments in key cases.

Like a magazine, we publish articles and roundtable discussions on important topics. For example, we recently devoted a whole issue to a discussion of data breach prevention and litigation, featuring commentary on the roles of technology, the FTC and consumer class actions.  You can review the Roundtable at

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