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The Computer Law Reporter is a comprehensive monthly report on legal developments affecting high technology industries. It reports on recent decisions in federal and state courts, other important judicial proceedings, federal legislative initiatives, and federal regulatory activities.

CLR‘s principal focus is on intellectual property law, including copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret issues. However, other issues are also regularly covered when they arise in a high technology context, including international trade, antitrust, constitutional claims, licensing, employer-employee relations, torts, and even discovery and jurisdictional issues.
There are two threads that unify the diverse practice areas covered by Computer Law Reporter:

Technological advancements are shaping the law

The law is shaping the advance of technology

An example of the first proposition is the ongoing reexamination of traditional notions of libel in light of the development of new online media which allow individuals to reach an audience of thousands without the traditional filters of skeptical editors and financially responsible publishers. Similarly, copyright’s fair use doctrine and the doctrines of privacy and e-commerce are constantly being reexamined and restated to take into account the peculiar nature of software programs.

That the law is also shaping technology can be seen in the controversy over how to prevent data breaches and the role of the FTC in regulating and class action lawyers in suing retailers. We published a Roundtable on this subject at

To provide the most comprehensive and insightful coverage available of legal developments in high technology industries, each 200-page monthly issue of Computer Law Reporter includes reporting on judicial, legislative and regulatory developments, articles that offer an in-depth analysis of important topics, reprinted decisions, briefs, transcripts, legislation, etc.

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