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The Bank and Corporate Governance Law Reporter is a unique monthly reporting service designed for those corporate practitioners who deal with interrelated questions involving corporate control, fiduciary duties, securities fraud, ERISA and structured finance liability.

The Reporter provides detailed information to both corporate counsel and litigators on suits by shareholders and regulators against banks, corporations, corporate officials and their legal and accounting professionals. Because the allegations in these suits include both common law and statutory violations, the scope of the Reporter is broad, including, for example, breach of fiduciary claims, securities fraud, and indemnification claims associated with mergers. Our “Highlights” section and “Recent Decisions Index” enable you to quickly pinpoint the cases that are relevant to your clients.

Moreover, when new decisions appear to be litigation pivot points we feature Round Table events to discuss them. For example, we published:

A. Gilchrist Sparks, III of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell says, “The Reporter probes beneath the surface of reported opinions in major cases and gives to the reader ready access to the cutting-edge arguments made by leading practitioners in the field. It is a critical tool for anyone seriously interested in staying ahead of developing legal trends in the area.”

Each month subscribers receive a hard copy issue consisting of approximately 25 pages of articles, 40-50 pages of new case summaries and analysis, and about 100 pages of full-text decisions. To enable you to access this wealth of information quickly, every six months we publish a Cumulative Index and Table of Cases.

Subscribers to our PDF edition receive, at no extra cost, an interim report every two weeks and a monthly edition of nearly 900 pages that include the links to all the decisions, briefs and commentary cited in the hardcopy edition.

Price: $4500.00 per year. Subscriptions begin in March or September. Back issues available to subscribers only.

To order, fax your request on your letterhead to 202-328-2430 or scan your request and email to